Every Family Needs a Primary Care Physician

Primary Care PhysicianEvery family needs a primary care physician. This is a doctor who routinely cares for your long-term and immediate health, providing treatment during an emergency, clearing up a routine infection and monitoring the health of everyone in the family to identify when health problems arise. Unfortunately, many people do not have a physician they see on a regular basis but instead visit a clinic only when they have a need.

This makes it impossible for a physician to provide a continuity of care based on an understanding of your family members’ previous health. A physician who has never seen you before will have no way of knowing if your blood pressure is normal or higher than usual or if your child’s growth is on track. They will not know if you look different than you did six months ago and, therefore, will have less information available when trying to make a diagnosis.

Having a primary care physician is to a patient’s advantage

There are many benefits to having an established physician and seeing them on a regular basis, including:

1. Knowing where to go in a health emergency

With an established doctor, it is obvious who to call, what office to visit and how to get there during a health emergency. If someone in the family is feeling ill, there is no confusion or uncertainty about what to do. If the injury is life-threatening, such as massive bleeding, then it is probably wise to seek the emergency room. If the issue is urgent, but not as serious, then give us a call.

2. A doctor will learn a patient’s health history

By visiting the same primary care physician each time, there is no need to continue filling out health history forms and explaining everything over again. The doctor already knows the family’s health history and each patient’s personal health history. This makes it easier and faster for them to make a diagnosis.

3. The same physician will be prescribing medications

Various medications do not interact well together. It is important for the doctor to know all medications a patient is taking to ensure anything they prescribe will not negatively interact with those existing medications. It is farm ore likely to not miss anything if the patient is visiting the same doctor every time.

An established primary care physician will have an up-to-date record of all medications the patient is taking and any side effects that result from them, making it easier to prevent possible side effects.

4. Someone is following up and keeping track

Even people with a primary care physician sometimes have to visit an urgent care clinic, emergency room or specialist for help regarding a specific health issue. After those appointments, it is helpful to have a single physician keep track of all that health information and begin to put it together to create a full understanding of what is happening with the patient’s health.

One doctor might be aware of a certain problem while another specialist is monitoring a separate condition. Without an established physician, no one is putting everything together for the benefit of the patient.

5. Preventing health problems is less expensive than treating them

Visiting a doctor on an annual basis makes it more likely health problems will be prevented. By identifying issues early on and treating them or making suggestions for lifestyle changes, a doctor can help patients to remain in good health and avoid problems like escalating heart disease. This is both beneficial and cost-effective.

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