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– Anthony – 50 Year Old Male, Reverse Diabetes Patient

Before coming to Awake Health I was experiencing lack of energy and frequent bloating. Dr Elperin diagnosed my symptoms as Type 2 Diabetes without complications. Dr Elperin then set up a strict diet plan and recommended supplements that would reverse my diagnosis. After 90 days, my A1C had dropped to 5.3 and I lost 25 pounds! Goodbye Diabetes! I highly recommend Awake Health, they have been very easy to work with and Dr. Elperin and her staff communicate effectively.

Anthony S.

– Farren – Fatigue Patient, February 2020

In the almost 30 years, I have been going to doctors, I have never found one I have trusted. I have always been given medicine to mask symptoms and have never once been taken seriously for any issue I have ever brought to a doctors attention. I took matters into my own hands and became my own doctor for several years and was so pleased to find a doctor who believes that the food we eat directly impacts our health, something I am so passionate about. She is an absolutely amazing doctor and I trust her with any issue I come across. She thoroughly checks my blood and told me I was deficient on b12, omega 3 and my t-3 was low – apparently in the 12 years I have been taking medication for my thyroid and monitored by previous doctors.. it hasn’t been fully working. She put me on an additional thyroid medication and I feel amazing! I have full energy, my mood has improved and can finally breathe easy knowing if something was wrong I actually have someone I trust now. I recommend her to any and everyone and am SO thankful Ellensburg has her!

Farren Patient Testimonial

– Shelly – Reverse Unexplained Tachycardia, January 2020

I have always been a person with boundless energy. However, these past few years I started noticing my energy depleting. My body started requiring daily naps and I began having symptoms of daily frontal headaches, brain fog, morning tachycardia, dizziness, and dyspnea. I underwent years of advanced testing (imaging, labs) and medication trials to try to find an answer to my decline. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to truly give me my life back. I finally decided to step away from Western Medicine and explore the world of Functional Medicine. I met with Dr. Elperin and was instantly impressed with her acknowledgement of there being a time and place for both Western Medicine and Naturopathy. After just two visits with Dr. Elperin, some basic labs, and one prescribe supplement I am happy to say that I have 95% of my energy back. I no longer have a need for naps. My headaches, brain fog and dyspnea are resolved, and my episodic morning dizziness and tachycardia are decreasing in frequency. This is the first time in many years that I feel truly healthy, happy and energetic. Dr. Elperin comes highly recommended by me; she gave me my life back.

Shelly Patient Testimonial

– Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is an internationally recognized leader in motivational speaking, business coach and an author of over 70 books which have been translated in over 80 languages. He is a business and entrepreneurial legend, in the ranks of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Zig Ziglar. As you can Imagine he has had many physicians over his 70+ year career. He was astonished by the level of skill and expertise that Dr. Elperin has when he had a chance to meet her. We are very proud to present his video about our Dr. Anna Elperin and to share her skill with all of our patients at AWAKE HEALTH.

Brian Tracy


Functional medicine is an alternative approach to treating a variety of illnesses and other health issues. This type of treatment uses science-based approaches to understand the underlying cause of a health issue instead of only treating the symptoms. While traditional treatment methods can be effective, they may rely too heavily on medications or treatments that have negative side effects on one’s health.

Since many of the traditional medical treatments available offer general approaches to treating health issues, patients are not able to get the individualized treatment they need. According to Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, this alternative medicine choice is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.


Integrative medicine treatment options require a medical professional to research any and all of the available treatment options that can potentially address the patient’s health issue. This includes finding out more about both traditional and alternative treatment options in order to offer the best treatment plan for the patient. Integrative functional medicine utilizes this approach by finding the underlying causes for health issues, while also keeping all available treatment options in mind.


Functional medicine can help to restore a patient’s health. When the functional medicine approach is chosen for treating a patient’s health issues, every patient will have their own special health needs addressed. Health restoration services give patients the individualized attention they need and is extremely beneficial when it comes to rebuilding one’s health back up to where it used to be, allowing them to once again feel fit and strong.


Functional medicine is highly supportive of women’s health care and is often a component in treating a number of chronic health issues that many women have to deal with. While some of the health conditions women experience in their life are completely natural, there are many other conditions that are not. Whether the health condition is natural or not, functional medicine can help the woman make nutritional and lifestyle choices to help deal with the particular health condition.

Common woman’s health care conditions include menopause, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, depression, insomnia, thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, heart disease and more. We will also provide support with any follow-up appointments if necessary.


Nutritional counseling is a part of functional medicine since making good food choices is an essential part of being healthy. Patients will learn all about food education, which is significant to their overall health. Food education also helps patients to understand how their food choices have the ability to easily impact their overall health. Using nutritional counseling in treatment will involve learning that proper nutrition can have a positive effect on the body similar to medicine.


While weight loss does not always require medical attention, there are situations in which it is crucial for the patient to seek medically-assisted weight loss. In many cases, seeking our assistance in weight loss can provide more benefits and long-lasting changes to one’s health since we can help to address the root cause of a patient’s weight gain. We can also help increase the chance of success for the patient’s weight loss.

By using functional medicine to identify the underlying cause of the weight gain, we can help the patient truly change his or her life for the better. If the patient is suffering from another health issue, there is a chance that healthy weight loss will help.


When a patient is in pain, customizing the treatment plan for the patient is important. We can develop an effective treatment plan to address the patient’s pain. While there are varying levels of pain, even just being in pain may not allow the ability for the patient to live a normal life. Since functional medicine observes the underlying cause of pain instead of merely numbing the pain, it can be more effective than traditional solutions.

With functional medicine, we can incorporate effective techniques into your treatment to help you find a more stable state of health that does not rely on medication to numb the pain. If you believe you or a loved one is struggling with one of these conditions, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Yakima, Selah, Richland, Ellensburg, and across central Washington.

Awake Health

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