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Heart disease and diabetes are two of the more common chronic diseases patients receive a diagnosis when visiting their general doctor. While heart disease and diabetes are very serious diseases and have the potential to impact a patient’s health in a negative way, we can utilize new and modern treatment methods.

Instead of treating heart disease and diabetes using traditional medicines that focus on the disease, these new approaches focus on the patient as a whole. Now that alternative medicine choices offer patients the ability to reverse their heart disease and/or diabetes diagnosis, chronic disease reversal is indeed possible.

According to the American Heart Association, patients with diabetes may avoid or delay the development of heart and blood vessel disease by managing their risk factors.


Chronic disease reversal is now possible due to today’s alternative medicine choices. Reversing chronic disease is an effective way to restore a patient’s health by understanding the root causes. When we can identify and assign a chronic disease to the underlying cause for why a patient has this disease, it allows us to create a treatment plan specific to the patient.

Since every patient is different and has unique health needs, we will customize the treatment plan. Each treatment plan will include details about treating the person as a whole, instead of only listing details about the chronic disease.


Functional medicine can also help with diabetes treatment. In order for a patient to be able to reverse their diabetes, they must follow an individualized diabetes treatment plan from a medical professional. Diabetes treatment with a goal of reversal often requires the patient to make changes to their lifestyle that will support a healthy body. This includes making high-nutrition food choices and being more active. While seemingly natural, these changes can have a positive effect on the overall situation.

Several components of diabetes treatment include:

  • Being able to manage blood sugar levels
  • Learning how to make the best food choices for healthy living
  • Understanding how stress can negatively affect the body

Diabetes treatment is important to a patient’s overall health. If the patient does not seek diabetes treatment, then the condition will only get worse and increase other health risks.


We can also incorporate functional medicine into the treatment of heart disease. It is also necessary to customize this type of treatment to meet the patient’s needs. Heart disease treatment that focuses on reversing the disease requires a number of lifestyle changes to support a healthy heart. This often includes walking every day, participating in a stress reduction activity and eating a healthy diet.

It is important to understand that making healthy lifestyle choices can add years to a patient’s life. Depending on the severity of the heart disease diagnosis, a medical professional will make a heart disease treatment plan that is specific to the patient. When a patient receives a heart disease diagnosis, it often means they only have so many years to live.

Now that there are alternative medicine options available, patients with heart disease have the ability to reverse their heart disease. While medication or other procedures can be effective, making lifestyle changes can be incredibly effective in helping promote recovery.


It is possible to incorporate functional medicine into hypertension treatment, also known as high blood pressure treatment. In similar fashion to the other treatment options on this page, we will customize the treatment plan to the needs of the individual. While there are effective traditional treatment options, a personalized treatment plan with specific lifestyle changes can have a positive effect on one’s overall condition.

These changes often include choosing to eat an optimal diet and getting plenty of a regular exercise. Eating certain healthy foods can replace the micronutrients efficiencies that are often in patients who have hypertension. Food choice is often the underlying reason why a patient receives a diagnosis of hypertension.

When a patient seeks hypertension treatment using alternative medicine options, we will create an individualized hypertension treatment plan for them to follow. Without hypertension treatment, this condition can lead to other serious issues, like strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, and kidney disease. Hypertension treatment is also important since high blood pressure can have a negative impact on the body’s organs.

If you believe you struggle with one of these conditions or know that you have one of these conditions and want to seek alternative treatment, contact Awake Health. We serve patients from across central Washington, including Selah, Richland, and Yakima.

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