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Ice Queen Facial

The Ice Queen Facial delivers on multiple fronts, including skin tightening and anti-aging benefits.

Tightens Pores

Cold liquid nitrogen cools the skin surface for immediate vasoconstriction, or tightening of the blood vessels, which also tightens those pores.  The body actually uses its temperature-regulating response to causes the skin cells to contract, which means firmer looking skin.

Treats Wrinkles

Low temperatures not only shrink the appearance of pores, but they can also soften lines. This is primarily due to the tightening effect that occurs as well as the increase in blood flow. Sudden exposure to cold air tricks your body into thinking it’s freezing, so it triggers your blood to rush towards the vital organs in order to maintain body heat. 

As the white blood cells increase their activity, the brain releases adrenaline to stimulate the organs which stimulate the body’s healing systems. When the treatment session is over and your temperature goes back to normal, the blood vessels re-dilate, enriching the face with fresh, nutrient-rich blood to reinvigorate tired, sagging skin and treating wrinkles and lines.

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