Importance of Vitamin D

Importance of Vitamin D

Hey, guys Dr. Anna Elperin with Awake Health in Ellensburg again.

And today I just wanted to do a very short blog on the importance of vitamin D in your body.

Yes, if you are not supplementing with vitamin D and you can ask your doctor to check for you, but 80 percent of my practice is vitamin D deficient if you’re not supplementing, 80{2bdd26934904e7127faa2e125495d13c6eae4efe015c014d69ef87db3c922217}! We live in the Pacific Northwest; we are really high up north, so we truly don’t get enough sun. Not only that but we are an indoor generation.

I spend most of my days sitting in the office talking to patients. I go from my house to my car to my office back from my office to my car to my house. So how much sun do I really get? Not enough.

Do I eat liver every single day? Because that’s a really great source of vitamin D.

Hmm… No, I don’t. So vitamin D is crucially important in auto-immunity, inflammation, in  gut health, heart disease, overall wellbeing, fatigue, so if you are not supplementing and it’s super easy to do, you should, and next time you go see your doctor, ask them to check your vitamin D level.

Not only that your vitamin D should not be on a low range of normal.

It should be as close to a high range of normal to allow your body the potential of natural healing.

So very easy interventio

n. We know that based on the research studies that we’ve done,  low vitamin D levels have been implicated in what’s called all-cause mortality, which means that patients who have low vitamin D levels, in this particular study, were more likely to die from all causes.

So that should tell you something, very easy and cheap intervention. Have your doctor check it. Start supplementing.

Talk to you soon,

Dr. Anna Elperin.