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No matter what form of store products people may try, anti-aging and wrinkle products never seem to work. From over-the-counter products to DIY at-home treatments, nothing seems to have an effective or lasting impact. People will continue to waste money on any of these options in order to produce minimal results. Fortunately, we offer a treatment that can help to decrease/eliminate wrinkles known as injectables.


Injectables, similar to dermal fillers, can help to rejuvenate the skin. Injectables help to relax facial wrinkles and folds, help to contour the body and create facial structure. Injectables can decrease/eliminate:

Frown lines
Forehead furrows
Sagging and aging skin
Aging hands
It is no surprise that the skin begins to sag and wrinkle with age. Even if a person uses store-bought creams or products on a regular basis, they will not be nearly as effective as our professional treatments. In fact, aging can cause old scars to become more noticeable as the skin wrinkles. Since anti-aging creams from the store only treat the upper layers of the skin.

While some injectable treatments can be temporary, others can be long-lasting. When using injectables, we will target specific areas of the face to inject the filler compound. In most cases, injectables will contain hyaluronic acid or another type of component that is a natural substance to the body. The injectables will help to enhance the structure and volume of the face.

This way, people will notice a lift in their face and see the lack of wrinkles as well. We use this substance to fill any space formed by creases or wrinkles in the face. While surgical procedures are always an option, there is a lot of recovery time following the procedure and a much higher risk. Non-surgical treatment has a shorter recovery time and less risk. During an examination, we can determine which option is right for the individual patient.


One of the first facts about injectables that people may not realize is that it may only take about 15 to 20 minutes for each injection. Some people may have an allergic reaction, some bruising, numbness or temporary redness after receiving the filler injections. This is also why professional treatment is recommended over store-bought products since even those can cause bad reactions.

With our treatment, we will take the time to review a patient’s health and determine the chance of a negative reaction. While some people may not be aware they are allergic to the components in the filler, we will have the proper tools to help the patient in the event of a reaction. While this can frighten people, we want to assure patients that we will take every necessary precaution before the procedure.


While it can seem fairly straightforward, it is important to customize injectables to the needs of the individual. Certain injectables will work better for certain types of wrinkles. Thus, we will need to begin the treatment process by examining the patient to determine the most effective treatment. Since injectables treat the skin beneath the surface layers, patients will be able to see a much greater change in their appearance as opposed to store-bought products.

Following a treatment, there may be minor swelling or redness. In most cases, the side effects are temporary. By seeking professional services in our practice, we can ensure you receive the proper treatment and decrease the chance of issues or side effects from trying the treatment alone.

The results may last several months to over a year; or even more. This will depend entirely on the number of injections and type of substance. Since it is unsafe to have multiple injections all at once, we will help the patient schedule a treatment plan over several appointments. You do not have to continue the struggle to find a treatment that helps decrease wrinkles since we can help to find it for you.


Instead of looking in the mirror and wishing there was something about an appearance that a patient could make; we can help to make those changes. At Awake Health, we strive to help you draw out your inner beauty to help enhance your appearance and boost confidence in your appearance. We will customize the treatment to your needs in order to help you achieve the appearance you desire.

Unlike store-bought products, we can find a solution that provides long-lasting results and can continue to do so after the initial treatment. Call us to begin the path to your ideal appearance today.

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