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  • Flabby underarms
  • Love handles
  • Smooth out cellulite
  • Decrease under eye puffiness
  • Get rid of a stubborn double chin

Fast and effective treatments, completely painless. It feels like a hot stone massage! No downtime. Pop over during your lunchtime and we will do a treatment. Completely discreet, there is no scarring. Let us help you to achieve the best aesthetic version of you.


No matter how many diets or exercise routines people take, some people are still unhappy with some factor of their appearance. Other people will meet their weight loss goals, only to find a small amount of stubborn fat that will not go away or excess skin that sags. In those cases, we can recommend body contouring as a technique to alter the patient’s appearance and shape the body the way the patient wants.

With the numerous factors that can increase the difficulty of weight loss, body contouring is a suitable option for helping to achieve a specific appearance. With so many weight loss techniques available to people, it can be difficult to find the right one. Since each patient is unique, losing weight will look different for each patient. With body contouring, we can help patients receive the changes they want.


Body contouring is not liposuction or any other type of procedure that removes larger amounts of fat from the body. In other cases, people will experience higher levels of pain and difficulty following a surgical procedure. These factors can hinder one’s life more so than other options.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with us to determine your needs and desires for this treatment. It is important to note that this procedure is not a substitute for a weight loss treatment. If a patient wants or needs to lose weight, then this treatment will not be effective. Other treatment options that we offer to help a patient lose weight include weight management and liposuction.

Body contouring is much more effective as a follow-up to weight loss. In fact, there are numerous benefits to the body contouring process that people are not aware of.


A patient that is struggling with excess skin will need to call and schedule an appointment. If we determine that the patient is a candidate for body contouring. The patient will need to schedule two or three appointments for this system to provide the desired results.

Since this procedure is non-invasive, the patient will not feel pain during or after the treatments in most cases. If there is any sensitivity, it will be minor and dissipate quickly. We recommend that patients schedule a consultation with us to answer any questions they have. However, here are a few of the benefits of our body contouring treatment.

The sessions are fairly quick

While there may be multiple sessions, the individual sessions will not take too long, about an hour. In fact, many people can make the appointments during their lunch break. People prefer this technique instead of having to schedule a surgical procedure and spend time recovering.

The procedure is painless

This process is not painful. Over the course of several appointments, the patient will feel little to no sensitivity from the device. The only sensitivity will be a bit of heat. Patients may also see some temporary red marks or bruising after the appointments.</p.

You may see changes in as little as 2 or 3 appointments

Since each patient is unique, there is a chance that some people will react more quickly to this treatment than others. Due to this, we conduct an examination to determine if this treatment is the right choice for you.

We can help you keep off that extra bit of weight that you cannot lose

Many people find that even after a strict diet, workout routine or surgery, there seems to be a bit of extra fat that does not go away. We can help to remove this excess fat and recommend methods for keeping the weight off with our weight management services.

The procedure is non-surgical

Non-surgical treatment will not require incisions on the body. This way, patients are able to receive the treatment in an hour without the need for a more extensive process. Patients will also be able to return to their regular life after each appointment with no recovery time.


We can help you achieve the ideal appearance or weight loss goal you desire. The first step is to call us and schedule an appointment. We will go over your desires, health needs and the possible procedures we offer that can help you. Once we gather that information, we will begin the treatment process.

Since each patient is different, there is a chance that certain treatments may not work for everyone. Thus, we will determine the most effective treatment for your needs during the consultation. If you are interested in losing weight or the body contour treatment, then please give us a call to schedule an appointment.


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