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Your body harnesses all the powers of healing, and we use it to enhance your appearance. Whether you are looking to correct: dullness, skin texture, fine lines or wrinkles, tired eyes, loss of elasticity- Platelet Rich Plasma is your answer. PRP facials harness the regenerative power of your blood’s natural healing factors and uses it to treat common skin issues to leave you with a healthier younger appearance. PRP facials are also used to treat acne scars and sunspots. PRP facials are a safer alternative to surgical cosmetic options and to harsh chemicals used for peels. The PRP or platelet-rich plasma used for your PRP facial comes from your own blood. Platelets are natural conductors of healing. They are rich in growth factors and are the body’s first responders after an injury. Platelets rush to the area and initiate the clotting process while calling stem cells to the area to begin their regenerative work. Platelets will release cytokines; these proteins help manage the body’s inflammatory responses. All which is required is a simple blood draw. The blood is placed into a centrifuge that separates the platelets. These platelets are concentrated, so your body’s natural healing capabilities are concentrated anywhere from three to five times their potency for optimal performance. That platelet-rich plasma serum is then used to rejuvenate, repair and return elasticity to your skin.

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