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Dan Kukes came to us with knee pain 3 short months ago. He decided to choose Regenerative Medicine and describes his outcome after as LIFE CHANGING. Besides eliminating his chronic pain:

1️⃣ He doesn’t wake up at night to knee pain anymore
2️⃣ He no longer has to use his cane to do simple everyday things like he used to

BUT That’s not all! Before coming to us at Awake Health Dan suffered a stroke a few years ago resulting in mental fog and memory deficits. He said after stem cell therapy, we got him on our anti-inflammatory protocol and recommended supplements and his memory has significantly improved. He said this time last year there is no way he could have gone grocery shopping and this year he can! 2020 is bringing all sorts of happiness to us already!

“Thank you for how great Dan is doing. It’s so good to see him walk without pain” – Mrs. Kukes
– Dan Kukes – 73 year old Male, Knee Pain

Anthony Starkovich

Before coming to Awake Health I was experiencing lack of energy and frequent bloating. Dr Elperin diagnosed my symptoms as Type 2 Diabetes without complications. Dr Elperin then set up a strict diet plan and recommended supplements that would reverse my diagnosis. After 90 days, my A1C had dropped to 5.3 and I lost 25 pounds! Goodbye Diabetes! I highly recommend Awake Health, they have been very easy to work with and Dr. Elperin and her staff communicate effectively.

– Anthony – 50 Year Old Male – Reverse Diabetes Patient


In the almost 30 years, I have been going to doctors, I have never found one I have trusted. I have always been given medicine to mask symptoms and have never once been taken seriously for any issue I have ever brought to a doctors attention. I took matters into my own hands and became my own doctor for several years and was so pleased to find a doctor who believes that the food we eat directly impacts our health, something I am so passionate about. She is an absolutely amazing doctor and I trust her with any issue I come across. She thoroughly checks my blood and told me I was deficient on b12, omega 3 and my t-3 was low – apparently in the 12 years I have been taking medication for my thyroid and monitored by previous doctors.. it hasn’t been fully working. She put me on an additional thyroid medication and I feel amazing! I have full energy, my mood has improved and can finally breathe easy knowing if something was wrong I actually have someone I trust now. I recommend her to any and everyone and am SO thankful Ellensburg has her!

– Farren – Fatigue Patient, February 2020


I have always been a person with boundless energy. However, these past few years I started noticing my energy depleting. My body started requiring daily naps and I began having symptoms of daily frontal headaches, brain fog, morning tachycardia, dizziness, and dyspnea. I underwent years of advanced testing (imaging, labs) and medication trials to try to find an answer to my decline. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to truly give me my life back. I finally decided to step away from Western Medicine and explore the world of Functional Medicine. I met with Dr. Elperin and was instantly impressed with her acknowledgment of there being a time and place for both Western Medicine and Naturopathy. After just two visits with Dr. Elperin, some basic labs, and one prescribe supplement I am happy to say that I have 95% of my energy back. I no longer have a need for naps. My headaches, brain fog and dyspnea are resolved, and my episodic morning dizziness and tachycardia are decreasing in frequency. This is the first time in many years that I feel truly healthy, happy and energetic. Dr. Elperin comes highly recommended by me; she gave me my life back.

– Shelly – Reverse Unexplained Tachycardia, January 2020

Shelly P.

I am currently doing these treatments with Dr Elperin @ Awake Health. I am one treatment short of being through the series of 5 treatments. If you are even remotely considering this, call and get the info! I am over the MOON with my results thus far. I have suffered with acne for over 30 years. I have had cystic acne most of those years, so my scarring has run deep for a long time. After only 4 treatments I can see amazing results, and I cannot wait to complete & continue treatments! I have been to several different dermatologists, tried any and every product on the market, and don’t even want to think about the dollars I have wasted on unsuccessful things. The treatments are WELL worth the cost! Call and at least get the info… you won’t be sorry! ❤️

– Shelly P.

47 Year Old Man – Knee Pain

Such a Great atmosphere. As soon as you walk in receptionist Rhonda and Trista are very professional, happy and just make you feel welcome! Very different from all the other clinics. Dr.Elperin really takes her time listening and trying to figure out a good plan that best fits. This clinic is beautiful and it really feels like you are in a salon! I will recommend Awake Health to all my family and friends.

This place is awesome! The office is beautiful, the rates are affordable and I had an amazing technician, Shannon, who was easy to talk to and work with. I felt comfortable and really in good hands. Highly recommend Awake and Shannon for laser therapy.

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