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Understanding Your Lab Work


At Awake Health, we believe that educating a patient is empowering a patient! Helping them understand which laboratory tests we order and why, will help you take better care of yourself. Below are the main laboratory tests we order for the majority of our patients when we start working together, and why.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) - Tells us the ratio of different cell lines in your blood, a check for iron and anemia.

Complete Metabolic Count (CMP) - Electrolytes, hydration status, kidney function, liver function.

Complete Thyroid evaluation - TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, autoantibodies.

Normal- TSH < 2.5

Free T4 hormone (inactive made by thyroid) - Normal> 1.0 Ideal > 1.3

Free T3 hormone (active, converted in a liver and gut) Normal - > 3.0 , Ideal > 3.2

Thyroglobulin antibodies and TPO antibodies - diagnostic for Hashimoto’s disease.

Iodine levels - Crucial for thyroid function, thyroid hormones are made from Iodine.

Selenium levels - PNW is poor in Selenium. This is a crucial element for your thyroid to function. Thyroid is the richest organ in Selenium in your body. Fun fact, most people with horses and cattle supplement their animals with Selenium just not themselves.

Vitamin D levels - Majority of Americans are chronically vitamin D deficient. Think Immune system, anxiety, fatigue, BONE HEALTH!

Omega 3 status - Omega 3s are super amazing at being antiinflammatory agents. Think FISH OIL. Another fun fact, majority of dog owners have been told by their vet to supplement their hairy best friends with FISH OIL.

Vitamin B12 and Folate levels - Assists in red blood cell production and energy, especially for women.

Homocysteine levels - Predicts a heart disease risk, marker of inflammation.

Adiponectin and insulin levels - Together these two markers can predict risk of developing diabetes, about 10 years prior to the developing the disease, making an early intervention easier.

Hemoglobin A1C - Diagnostic test for prediabetes, diabetes and disease management. Test measures the percentage of red blood cells with sugar molecules attached to them.

Normal - 4.8- 5.6

Prediabetes - 5.6- 6.3 %

Diabetes > 6.4%

American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends starting insulin at HgA1C > 10%

Fun fact: DIABETES TYPE 2 is 100% REVERSIBLE CONDITION, UNFORTUNATELY ADA does not make that recommendation.

C Reactive Protein - CRP- non specific inflammatory marker

Red Blood Cell Magnesium - Magnesium is crucial for proper BRAIN and Muscle function. Real good evidence for the relationship between dementia and magnesium deficiency.

Coenzyme CoQ10 - Crucial for energy production at the cellular mitochondrial level.

Glutathione levels - One of the most important antioxidants in your body, helping get rid of toxins.

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