What is Functional Medicine?

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What is Functional Medicine?

Hey, guys Dr. Anna Elperin at the Awake Health in Ellensburg again.

And as you probably already know I’m a functional medicine practitioner.

What does that mean functional medicine practitioner?

I am a fully licensed and dually board-certified physician in family practice.

I went to medical school and a residency program. As I was going through residency program, I started to discover that western medicine has its limitations. Western medicine is phenomenal when it comes to the treatment of acute disease.

So if I ever have a heart attack, I would love to be in a tertiary care western medicine hospital. When I needed my C-section, I really want to be in a tertiary care western medicine hospital.

However, when it comes to treatment of chronic disease, western medicine can fall flat in a lot of areas.

Most and foremost- we are the most overworked western Society. We go go go go, we work work work, we find more and more things to fit into our lives without actually ever taking a step back and allow our bodies to rest and heal.

Western medicine also does not address nutrition and the crucial part that it plays in how our bodies function. The way I talk to my patients, many of you have probably heard it, and that is, I can be the best rock wall builder in the world, if you don’t give me rocks, I cannot build you a rock wall.

Similar to our bodies, if you’re missing your vitamin D, your selenium, your B12 and folate, just to name a few, your body cannot function the way it should, and on top of that, we eat highly processed food with lots of -that is stripped from nutrition and that it has lots of chemicals added to it, and those, our bodies were not designed in a lab.

Our bodies don’t know what to do with those chemicals.

And if we continue on this trajectory over a long period of time, this is when we start seeing the western world’s diseases: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, low-functioning thyroid, depression, obesity.

All of these things can be helped by large if we start reversing the signs of those early chronic disease problems, and they’re always signs if you know what to look for, and give patients an ability to take back the control of their health and actually prevent, reverse, and get to the root cause as to what is causing their disease.

I love working with patients on this. This is probably one of my most passionate areas that I get an opportunity to really intervene and help with patients.

I’m happy to sit down for a complimentary consultation and tell you a little bit more as to how we can help you to achieve your best health. Thank you for reading! Have a great Day!