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What is Stem Cell Therapy?


what is stem cell therapy

Hey guys, this is Dr. Anna Elperin. I’m with The Awake Health in Ellensburg.

And as many of you already know through our Facebook posts prior to this is that we have recently added a new treatment modality to our practice which is stem cell therapy.

I am very excited about it because it is an amazing new avenue of regenerative medicine that we can offer to our patients.

So I wanted to kind of talk about what it is, what it isn’t, and clear up any myths or confusion about this therapy.

First of all, what is stem cell therapy?

First and foremost, we’d only work with Autologous stem cells. What does that mean? They are your own stem cells they come from your body.

They’re not fetal tissue. They’re not, they don’t come from babies or anything like that. These are stem cells that are derived from your body and they’re put back into your body into the areas where healing may be needed.

It all comes down to science.

Your body has an ability to regenerate it itself and it does constantly.

We get a brand-new set of skin every 27 days or so.

Every 90 to 120 days, you get a brand new blood supply of red blood cells.

How does it do that? Via stem cells.

So stem cells are present in every single tissue in your body and they’re what allowing your tissue to heal if you get an injury, to regenerate what it needs to grow up, the function of stem cells is to create more cells like itself, is to help with regeneration, it helps with healing.

The same way as the role of the white blood cell in your body is to help fight infection when you get one.

So that’s how it works. We take stem cells from either fat tissue or bone marrow tissue.

We process it enzymatically and then we either injected back into the joint if that’s what we’re dealing with.

We can put it into the IV bag and inject it out for their overall body.

If we’re dealing with an autoimmune condition.

It just depends on each individual patient.

Which conditions can be treated with stem cell therapy?

I don’t like answering that question because I believe that every patient is unique and stem cells are such a promising new modality that rather than just listing off a list of things that we can treat, I recommend sitting down with me for a complimentary consultation and going over your unique needs, but just to kind of give you an idea of what kind of patients should be thinking about stem cell therapy.

Patients with autoimmune conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, patients with diabetes, stem cell therapy can help somebody get rid of insulin and go home to oral medications, for example, or maybe reverse disease entirely, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease also known as COPD.

You can really help somebody maybe get off oxygen with stem cell modality.

Another possibility would be Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, MS, overall rejuvenation, and anti-aging and healing.

Obviously, aesthetics, you can do stem cell injections in the face the same way as you would inject filler or just for overall skin rejuvenation, necks for a lot of women.

How fast do you see results?

It just depends.

Once again, it is a treatment, not a cure.

So if we’re dealing with an orthopedic injury, first of all, stem cell treatment for an orthopedic injuries such as knees, shoulders, hips that can actually mean for someone having to go for surgery versus not and surgery comes with the risk of infections, with the risk of painful and prolonged healing time, time taken off work, time that you’re under anesthesia versus stem cell therapy is a very safe very relatively easy procedure done right here in the office and you go back home the same day, takes a couple of hours depending on what kind of modality we do.

and is a very safe procedure.

Going back to how long do you see results?

If we’re dealing with an orthopedic injury, and we’re dealing with pain, results probably going to be almost immediate as far as pain relief goes, but as far as actual tissue healing and cartilage regeneration, it takes time, so three to six months when we start seeing some changes on an MRI, which is something that we follow things with.

Very excited about this modality.

Stay tuned for our upcoming seminar. You probably have seen something go through Facebook already, but we’re going to do a seminar about stem cell treatments pretty soon in July.

So stay tuned. I really hope to see you then.


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