What is the Difference Between Functional and Integrative Medicine?

Looking for more information on integrative medicine and functional medicine because you want to understand the differences between the two treatment approaches? The more you understand about the options that are out there and thus available to you, the better able you will be to make the right choice for you. Today’s health care options are plentiful and are becoming more and more focused on the root causes of someone’s health problems, instead of only focusing on how to treat the health issue at hand.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine involves using conventional medicine. The idea behind using integrative medicine is to understand the variety of approaches that can be used and then choose which one is going to work ideally to meet that particular patient’s individual health care needs. These approaches tend to combine conventional medicine with alternative treatment options like acupuncture. Once one or more approaches have been chosen, a treatment plan will be made for the patient.

Integrative medicine looks closely at one’s lifestyle habits in order to understand the whole person and not just the disease, making it a whole body approach that is becoming more popular among today’s patients.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine focuses more on the underlying reasons for why someone is experiencing one or more health problems. Once the underlying problem is found, the health care focus is on the patient making lifestyle changes that will either minimize or eliminate the health problems they are currently experiencing. This whole body approach to improving one’s health is dependent on the patient making the necessary choices that will allow them to once again be in good overall health.

Functional medicine is very personalized, as it puts a lot of emphasis on finding the root cause of any and all health problems someone is experiencing, including any chronic diseases, by understanding their genetics as well as their life choices.

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